What To Watch For

Have you ever been on a first date with a man and felt that things are not quite right? I never used to pay a lot of attention to my female intuition, but since I have been with London escorts, I have learned to listen to my instincts. Not only that, but I have also learned to look for red flags. When you first join a London escorts agency that is not always easy to do. You need to know what to look for and that is something that you learn with experience of working at London escorts.

You learn how to look out for certain red flags. For instance, if you are out on a London escorts dinner date with a guy who claims that he is a millionaire, you should always look at his cuffs. Sure, he may be wearing a pair of nice and shiny cufflinks, but what about his cuffs? Are they frayed at all? I have never dated genuinely rich men with frayed cuffs on his shirt so that is one of the things that you should look out for, But, it is one of those things you learn when you work for a London escorts.

What about his shoes? Well, here is another give away. A pair of nicely polished shoes suggest that he has someone who takes pride in his personal grooming and has not come out in a rush. More than likely he has someone to help him to look after his personal grooming and he does not mind showing it off. He may even refer to a butler or man helping him with his personal grooming. That is exactly the sort of guy you want to have as a London escorts regular.

I also look at a man’s hands. If he is an international businessman, he should not have any dirt under his fingernails. That is unless he is into classic cars and motorbikes. Find out what he does as a hobby. I will admit that I have met on London escorts dates who are passionate collectors of all types of motor vehicles. Not only do they have plenty of cash to splash on their cars, but they also like to splash their cash on their favourite cheap escorts. You will know who they are, they are the ones who pick you up in their old car or their Triumph motorbike.

Do they know how to order from the menu? A gent who knows his way around a menu is probably a man with plenty of fine dining experience. If he ends up asking for the horseradish to go with his perfectly cooked steak with pepper sauce, you really need to ask what is going on. I have come across one or two of those on London escorts dates. In short, look out for the little details. They do matter a lot, and if you notice anything which you may think is a red flag, ask yourself if the man you are out on a date with is really the real deal.

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