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Why Love Island couples are likely to have sex on telly

LOVE Island star come into the show and say they aren’t going to have sex. Here’s why many couples break this promise.

Britain’s top sexual fantasy revealed – and it’s a spanking one

AN EYE-OPENING survey lifted the lid on Britain’s sexual preferences. Apparently, this is the most popular sexual fantasy in the UK.

Eagle sex position: How to master the move everyone is talking about on Love Island

LOVE Island 2019 is already proving to be quite a saucy series, here’s how to master the Eagle sex position everyone has been talking about.

Poundshop is selling Prosecco, pornstar martini and G&T flavoured lube

POUNDSHOP has delighted shoppers with its flavoured lubes range. The budget store is selling lubricant that tastes like cocktails, Prosecco and G&T.

Make-up sex is BETTER than normal sex – experts reveal why

EVER wondered why make-up sex feels so good? Apparently, there’s a reason why bonking when passions are high is better than your everyday romp.

Mum reveals she bonks her husband EVERY day in kinky diary about their sex life

A WOMAN penned candid diary entries about her sex life. The mum-of-two said she bonks her partner every day – even if she isn’t in the mood.

Dating site Beautiful People shares ‘ugly’ traits that get potential members banned

THE controversial site has a strict vetting process for potential members to make sure they’re beautiful enough. Mere mortals need not apply.

Women are climaxing 30% LESS than men because of the ‘orgasm gap’

EXPERTS believe pornography and cultural ignorance to the clitoris are key culprits in stopping straight women from getting theirs as much as men.

Sex is the answer to a better night’s sleep, researchers claim

STRUGGLING to sleep at night? Here’s how having sex or orgasming before bed can help you to snooze easily.

Middle aged women have BETTER sex than under 25s – here’s why

MIDDLE aged women are more sexually satisfied than younger ladies. While they have less sex than millennials, they’re more likely to have quality romps.