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Kinky April Fools’ Day sex positions to bring the fun into the bedroom

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT BELOW: To celebrate April Fool’s Day, professional cam girl Mistress Sandy Star has shared some of the kinkiest sex positions that’ll bring the fun into the bedroom

Why you should use sex toy on your lunch – from more sleep to less stress

EXCLUSIVE: Are you in need of an excuse to whip out your sex toy? Aaron McDonagh, the founder of Love Sex Toys, has shared five reasons why people should use their kinky device in the middle of the day

Woman mortified after accidentally flashing father-in-law in sexy lingerie

A woman accidentally flashed her partner’s dad in a sexy corset after trying on the lingerie to surprise her husband. But it went terribly wrong when his dad walked in the room

Playboy model turns dominatrix and admits taking control ‘excites’ her

Bombshell Playboy model Nathali Pereira says she has turned into a dominatrix. The brunette stripped off to racy leather gear as she made the kinky revelation

Frisky Brits forced to change sex positions because pets are ‘staring at them’

It seems even our most private moments are not off-limits to our furry friends – such as our dogs and cats. New research has found two thirds of Brits change their sex positions because their pets are "staring at them"

‘I keep sex cards of people I’ve slept with – which include intimate details’

Mollie Miller has kept a record of her dating history in flash cards for the last 10 years, jotting down a synopsis of when and what happened during her night in the bedroom with the men

Miss BumBum World winner spills on her biggest fetish between the sheets

Lu Duarte left little to the imagination when she posed in a series of sexy snaps on her Instagram page. The model also opened up about her favourite fetish in bed

Life coach explains how to reset your brain after watching too much porn

Life coach Paul Sheppard says you need to reset your brain after being over-exposed to porn and explains techniques on how to clear your head in a TikTok video demonstration

All the Jingle Ladies sex position is perfect for solo pleasure this Christmas

If you’re riding solo this Christmas, don’t worry we’ve got the best sex position for you. The All the Jingle Ladies is the ultimate technique to allow you to explore your body

Porn star Riley Reid marks 29th birthday with very cheeky Instagram snap

Porn star Riley Reid posted some very sexy snaps on Instagram in celebration of her 29th birthday. Her fans gushed over the near-naked post