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Middle aged women have BETTER sex than under 25s – here’s why

MIDDLE aged women are more sexually satisfied than younger ladies. While they have less sex than millennials, they’re more likely to have quality romps.

Best sex toys for men REVEALED – from kinky rings to a ‘Guybrator’

THERE are plenty of sex toys on the market that are specifically targeted at men. Here’s our top picks – from male vibrators to naughty rings.

Erectile dysfunction patient reveals how Viagra changed his life

BRITS can get hold of Viagra Connect without a prescription. The readily-available pills have helped this bloke fight off erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Cheating capitals of Britain revealed in eye-opening study – where does YOUR area rank?

ILLICIT Encounters data reveals the biggest cheating hotspots in Britain. Surprisingly, a posh Berkshire town was deemed to house the most love-rats.

Women reveal five things they HATE to experience during sex

EVER wondered what turns women off in the bedroom? A Daily Star Online poll shed light on men’s irritating habits during sex.

Men and women reveal their 2019 ‘sex bucket list’ in new survey

THE top sexual fantasies have been revealed in a new survey.

Women who commit this sexual sin are more likely to cheat

ARE you worried your wife or girlfriend is cheating? Apparently, women who do this during sex are more likely to stray.

Five most popular sex dreams – and what they REALLY mean

HAVE you ever wondered what your sex dream really means?

Horoscopes 2019: Your star sign reveals what turns you on in bed

ASTROLOGERS revealed the sexual preferences of different star signs. Here’s what your horoscope could say about your turn ons.

Man MORTIFIED by bizarre thing he witnessed his girlfriend doing immediately after sex

A MAN has spoken candidly about the “weird as f***” thing he caught his girlfriend doing after sex.