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Sexpert explains difference between BDSM and kinky sex after experimenting herself

EXCLUSIVE: Author and sexologist Valerie Tasso has explained difference between BDSM and kinky sex after opening up on her experiences in the industry and trying it out herself

Best calorie-burning sex positions to burn fat in bed – from doggy to cowgirl

Ever wondered what the best sex positions are to burn calories and help shed unwanted weight? Well, here they are and some of them might just surprise you!

Singleton shares conversation starters to get you more attention on dating apps

A singleton revealed how to get more interactions when you’re online dating. Her handy advice helps to get conversation flowing with your matches

‘Men can feel too scared to date me – they hate when women earn more than them’

Jana Hocking believes many men aren’t attracted to career women as they feel "emasculated" by their success. She has experienced blokes’ "eyes glazing over" when she talks about her job

‘I let my wife pee on me while I wear a nappy because it turns me on’

Dillon told racy podcast Strictly Anonymous that he loves wearing nappies despite being nearly 30. His wife lets him do it and she also pees on him – sometimes even in a public place

Bluebella is slashing the price of lingerie by up to 50% in huge summer sale

Stay sexy all summer long. British lingerie company Bluebella are launching a huge sale starting today, with up to 50% off stunning lingerie sets

Men who enjoy Belgian beer over other brands are ‘more likely to be cheaters’

The new groundbreaking research found that Belgian beer is loved by men who betray their wives with Stella Artois voted as the number one choice for cheaters

‘My jailbird boyfriend cheated on me & I caught him thanks to McDonald’s meal’

Aussie Jana Hocking says she caught her "bad boy" boyfriend cheating on her – and it was all because of a McDonald’s meal. She spilled the story on a podcast this week

Woman says hiding text messages from your partner counts as cheating

A TikToker sparked debate after posting a video about cheating. She thinks being secretive with your phone counts as infidelity

Boss lets staff members take ‘masturbation breaks’ every day at work

Erika Lust has introduced a new scheme in honour of Masturbation Month. For the rest of the year, she’s giving employees 30 minutes a day to focus on self pleasure