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Porn star Riley Reid marks 29th birthday with very cheeky Instagram snap

Porn star Riley Reid posted some very sexy snaps on Instagram in celebration of her 29th birthday. Her fans gushed over the near-naked post

Actress romped with husband 10 times a day when trying to get pregnant

Deborah Secco has opened up about her sex life. She admitted she still lusts over her husband Hugo Moura – and spoke about how much they romped when they were trying to conceive

Daily Star’s lockdown sex survey: We want to know about your relationships!

Has coronavirus put your love life on hold? Or has it made things better for you and your partner. Take just five minutes to fill out Daily Star’s lockdown survey!

Daters should look out for ‘cushioning’ sex trend which could ruin relationships

Are you guilty of "cushioning" someone? Sex expert Tracey Cox warns that this trend is quite common for people who are looking for the perfect relationship

Newlywed sues wife for fraud after he finds out she’s biologically male

A just-married couple have filed for divorce after the groom accuses his bride of fraud – he says she lied about being male, but she claims he knew all along

Sexperts lift lid on sneaky way to have sex – and how to do it almost anywhere

Having sex during lockdown isn’t going to be easy for some – especially if you’ve got children running around the house or a roommate in the bedroom next door

Influencer says she’s a lesbian because of a terrible childhood accident

Daneidy Barrera Rojas, an influencer from Colombia, revealed that an accident involving a needle when she was nine years old put her off sex with men for life

What to do if you can’t orgasm – and how to have better sex every single time

Reaching the finish line isn’t always possible for everyone, luckily there are ways you could help to train yourself to guarantee maximum pleasure every time

Abandoned ‘sex hut’ found in British woods – and it has a very X-rated interior

A vlogger stumbled across a creepy "sex hut" when walking in the woods. Some of the discoveries he found were pretty kinky

Stunning actress goes without sex for 2.5 years – and doesn’t miss it

Dana Borisova told fans why she’s given up sex for 2.5 years. Her followers praised her for the candid admission